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Planning & Design

The planning and design starts from the first phone call.  We will set up a consultation to go over your ideas for your property.  Even if you don’t have a plan we can help you visualize an plan.  A design will be created implementing function and flow to make your project look deliberate and with purpose as though it was made your your house.  Each house is different so the look and design of each project is different.   Flow and functionality are important to make your project feel comfortable and easy to traverse.   Once the design is agreed upon we will start going over materials.  Since there are so many choices we will sit down with you and explain the variety of materials.   It’s very important that the customer be upfront about budget and realize the cost of what they are looking for.  Five different companies could give five different designs with five different budgets.  So in order to streamline your confusion have a budget and you will be able to have more of an apples to apples comparison from one company to another.  If one company has a $10,000 design and the other has a $50,000 design there is no comparison.  Be fair to your Landscape Contractors and let them know what they are dealing with.


We are a Design/Build Landscape Construction Company.  That means we design and Install all hardscape aspects of a landscape.  Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, Fire pits, Patios, Seating/Retaining Walls, Pillars, Walkways, Driveways, Bars, etc…  We use most products such as Natural Stone; Limestone, Sandstone, Bluestone, Slate, Granite, Quartz to manufactured materials from Unilock, Lampus, Techo Bloc, Keystone, Belgard, Cambridge, & Oberfield.  This allows us to offer our customers a large variety of materials to choose from based on price and style.